Accessory Boxes

Beautifully crafted wood boxes with hand-painted, stitched designs.

Art Deco Style

The Art Deco collection of designs were inspired by the work of the late Clarice Cliff, an English ceramic artist known for her whimsical and simple Art Deco designs, active from 1922 to 1963.


Cliff’s designs inspired British needlework artist Barbara Thomson for cross stitch and inspired Needle Beetle to stitch them for accessory boxes. 


Adorable little boxes, these are perfect for earrings or bracelets and would look great on your desk. These boxes will add whimsy and color to any room of your home or office! 

Celtic Designs

These stunning accessory boxes with traditional Celtic knots vary in size, design and color. These feature variegated flosses, many of which are no longer available. The colors were chosen to bring life and imagination to the knots. The boxes vary from exotic hardwoods to stained or painted pine.  

According to archaeologists and scholars, the Trinity Knot first appears as a pagan design. Used by Celts, it was adopted and repurposed as a symbol of the Holy Trinity by early Irish Christians in the 4th century. The knots are complete loops that have no start or finish. They are said to represent eternity, and symbolize loyalty, faith, friendship or love - how life and eternity are interconnected.

The Celtic Dragon is a mighty mystical creature that represents sovereignty, power, or a chief or leader of a clan, such as Pendragon (the Celtic word meaning chief). The Anglo-Saxon word “dragon” is derived from the Greek word meaning “to see clearly.” They believed dragons had the gift of vision, wisdom and prophecy.

The Celtic boxes are of special meaning to me due to my Irish ancestry. 

Rocky Mountain Flowers

These cross stitch embroidery designs are from a 1979 collection of patterns from Graphique Needle Arts and Robin McGinn, artist and designer.  They are hand-stitched by Annie Bilyeu. 


The boxes are handcrafted from beetle killed pine from the forests of the Colorado Rockies, and harvested for the beautiful grey to tan streaks and wormholes created by the destructive pine beetle that have caused the destruction of millions of lodgepole pine. That destruction led to an entire market of lumber used for everything from countertops to flooring to woodworking projects. 

If you have a love of wildflowers and recycling projects as I do, these boxes will be a great addition to your home. 

Zen Stitches

Fun and colorful, Zen Stitches boxes are hand-stitched with variegated flosses in a variety of geometric designs, perfect for your playful side! These would make a great gift for a teen - tuck a twenty in a handcrafted, hand-painted, pine box.


These little gems, along with any designs on our page, are customizable for any colors you would like.  Email your ideas and let's work together!